50 Billionth Hand Means Big Promotions at PokerStars

It’s time to celebrate at PokerStars because they are drawing closer to their 50 billionth hand.  Most of the celebrating will be done by PokerStars players since the world’s biggest online poker room is offering several deals totaling over $1 million.

One of the online poker deals that Stars is offering in celebration of hand number 50 billion are cash game bonuses.  During every millionth hand leading up to 50 billion poker hands, each player at the table will receive a $50 bonus.  Each player will also get $50 for every VIP point earned during the last 50 hands leading up to a million; the player(s) who wins the pot will get a double bonus.  On the 50 billionth hand, the bonus for every player will be bumped up to $500 along with an extra $500 for every VIP point earned in the last 50 hands.

Another deal offered during the 50 billion-hand event is Super Sit and Go tournaments.  Each Super Sit and Go poker tournament involves 50 players, and the buy-ins range from $1.10 to $55.  If you’re able to win one of these poker games, you get a share of the $50,000 prize pool given out after the 50 billionth hand.  And the size of your share depends on how many tournaments you are able to win.

The last part of this promo involves VIP points; every 3,000 VIP points you earn in holdem poker games awards you with a $50 bonus.  And the more batches of 3,000 points you collect before the 50 billionth hand, the more $50 bonuses you will be earning.

PokerStars isn’t at the 50,000,000,000 hand mark yet so you should download the poker software for Stars and start playing right away to take advantage of these deals.

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