English Poker Open 2010 – Final Table

English Poker Open 2010 Champion Fabian Quoss

Tuesday 14th September – Palm Beach Casino, Mayfair.

9 survivors had fought through an outstanding field of 194 international poker players to take their place at the Final Table of the 2010 RakeTheRake English Poker Open.

Expecting a rather slow and gentle start given there was $934,000 at stake, the players were soon brought down to reality.

Within an hour of the start the nine became five.

English Poker Open 2010 screenshot

Stephen Chimelski went first when his pocket rockets were cracked. All-in pre-flop he got a call from Germany’s Fabian Quoss, the most aggressive player at the time, with pocket 10s. Stephen was in the lead all the way until one of the two 10s remaining in the deck, came on the river. Stephen left with a pay-out of £13,600.

Short stacked Behbehani went next, he pushed in late position with queen-3 and was called by a rag Ace. No queen or 3 meant Salman left with £17,000.

7th place finisher was one of the three English Musketeers who began the day at the final table. Mark Norman managed to find ace-king to push with, only to meet Andrew Brennan’s pocket queens. The flop came AQT and with only running cards to save him, or a jack, Mark watched as two rags came on the turn and river. Next stop for Mark was the rail with £23,750.

The last of the first 60 minutes casualties was, Brent Lehring. Short stacked he looked down to find pocket 4’s and pushed all his chips across the line, with a snap call from Mathew Frankland and his pocket Kings. The board didn’t help Brent and he walked away with £30,550.

English Poker Open 2010 screenshot

Andrew Brennan was the second musketeer to take his place on the rail in 5th place. After re-raising Quoss’s button raise, he insta called Quoss’s insta all in. Andrew flipped pocket 9’s and Fabian turned over ace-king, with an ace coming on the flop and nothing to help Brennan on the rest of the board, he was magnanimous in defeat and walked away head held high £40,750 richer. Five down and four to go!

And that number four was Felipe Ramos. Felipe pushed in pre-flop with ace-6 only to be called by Sabastiaan Crul who had pocket 7’s. A seven on the flop and a turn and river that was helpful to nobody returned £54,300 for Felipe and we in the home stretch.

Musketeer three, Mathew Frankland, had found himself out of position against the aggressive Fabian Quoss. He slowly lost the chip lead but the final hand he played was against the least aggressive player of the 3. After a jack high flop all of the chips ended in the middle of the table. Mathew showed Jack-8 and Sabastiaan showed King-Jack and the fat lady had begun to sing for Mathew as he finished in 3rd, picking up a whopping £77,400

English Poker Open 2010 screenshot

After a brief interlude for hair and makeup, the final two resumed play and after about 90 minutes, and with a difference in prize money of £90,000 for 1st and 2nd places, the players managed to get all the chips in pre-flop and here’s how it ran:

  • Sabastiaan Crul shows Ac 5c
  • Fabian Quoss shows As Qd
  • The flop – Ad Kh 8h
  • The turn – 3d
  • The river – 6d

And it was all over for another year. The English Poker Open 2010 Champion was Fabian Quoss who took home the coveted George trophy and a massive £220,650 ($338,000).

2nd place finisher Sabastiaan Crul received £129,000 for all his hard work over the 4 days.

English Poker Open 2010 screenshot

The King is dead. Long live the King!

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