Play in WPT’s First French Tournament Courtesy of Party Poker

There is no sign of the World Poker Tour slowing down anytime soon since this casino poker organization is constantly adding new tournaments.  And their newest poker tournament is the Amnéville event in France. 

It’s uncertain how much money will be offered in the prize pool at Amnéville, but most WPT events offer several million dollars.  And while none of this may interest you yet, consider this: you could play poker in the first ever Amnéville tournament absolutely free through Party Poker.

That’s because Party Poker is giving out $7,000 prize packages for this prestigious event, and all you have to worry about is playing poker hands.  The $7,000 prize packages cover the $4,500 WPT Main Event buy-in, $1,300 in hotel accommodation costs, and $1,200 left over for spending money.  If the thought of playing in the first Amnéville event interests you, then you should download the poker software for Party Poker and start playing in their satellites.

Here are the satellite and qualifier options you’ll have for winning a $7,000 prize package:

– Amnéville free poker tournament; top 50 players move on to WPT Amnéville Sub Qualifier Speed Rebuy.

– WPT Amnéville Sub Qualifier Speed Rebuy; costs $1 and one player moves on to WPT Amnéville Satellite Qualifier for every $40 in the prize pool.

– WPT Amnéville Sub Qualifier Speed; costs $6 to enter and 1 in 8 players move on to WPT Amnéville Satellite Qualifier.

– WPT Amnéville Satellite Qualifier; costs $40 and 1 in 10 players win a spot in the WPT Amnéville Satellite.

– WPT Amnéville Satellite; costs $375 to enter and one $7,000 prize package will be awarded for every 20 players in this event.

Don’t forget that you can also earn upto a 40% return in VIP Loyalty assuming you sign up for Party Poker through a Loyalty Program.  Also, you have until October 17th to win a $7k prize package.

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