Play for $50,000 in Absolute Poker’s Donkament

Nobody likes to admit that they can’t play poker.  In fact, the biggest donkeys always have a way of making it seem like they’re constantly the victim of bad beat poker hands.  But even if you’re in denial about your poker strategy knowledge – or lack thereof – you should at least consider looking into Absolute Poker’s Donkament if your bankroll is running low.

This new Absolute Poker event offers people the opportunity to play for $50,000 every month.  And the best part about Donkament is there are no buy-in fees; this is a free poker event that only requires Absolute Points.  For just 100 Absolute Points, you can enter satellites that lead to the main Donkament tourney.  If you play lots of poker games at Absolute, you could even buy directly into Donkament for 10,000 Absolute Points.

One advantage to playing in the Donkament tournament is that this holdem poker event is capped at 600 players.  So you won’t have to compete against a huge field of players in order to win money. 

Another big bonus to playing at Absolute Poker and trying to get in Donkament is that you can earn extra money through rakeback.  If you’ve signed up with rakeback deals involved, you will earn 30% of the rakeback at the poker tables.  Assuming you spend $1,000 in rake fees a month, you’d receive $300 back, which is something that most poker sites don’t offer.

In addition to the rakeback deal, you will be able to take advantage of lots of other online poker deals at Absolute.  The Bad Beat Jackpot, Power Hour, Tournament Leaderboard, Rewards Store, 10 Million Chips Hall of Fame, and WPT Festa al Lago prize packages are just some of the deals you will be offered at Absolute Poker.

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