Players Already Attempting to beat Phil Laak’s Endurance Record

It’s only been three months since Phil Laak broke the poker endurance record at the Bellagio Casino.  He managed to play poker for 115 straight hours, which destroyed the old record of 72 hours set by Paul Zimbler.  At the end of his poker hands, Laak was in pretty bad shape and was extremely tired.  So it would take a monumental effort to beat Laak’s record for the most time spent at the poker table along with plenty of courage.

Interestingly enough, 80 players from New Zealand are up to the challenge of trying to break Laak’s record.  The group of players is named NZ Poker Tours, and they are going to play a poker tournament while attempting to break the record; this differs from Laak who set his record at the cash game poker tables.

The poker rules of the tournament dictate that blinds will not increase until the record is broken, and there are unlimited $20 rebuys thus giving anybody who can stay awake the chance to keep playing.  Other rules include players being given a 5 minute break every hour so they have a chance to get up from the table once in a while.  Participants must also eat and drink during the holdem poker tourney to avoid slowing down the game and deeming the contest ineligible.  Sadly, players will not be collecting rakeback while playing the tournament.

Much like Laak’s record-breaking run, the proceeds from this world record attempt will go to charity.  The Make-A-Wish Foundation and Starship Children’s Hospital will be the main beneficiaries of the tournament.  As far as prizes for the participants go, the winner will take home a trophy while everybody who plays in this texas poker tournament will receive a paper stating how long they lasted.

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