Mega Moolah Proves Mega Popular

The progressive slot machine, Mega Moolah, was first introduced to the world of online gaming in November of 2006 and is currently proving to be mega popular amongst the online gaming community. Why is this particular game moving to the forefront of online slot machine favorites?  For good reason, mega moolah pays out.  A look at the payouts over the last few years is reaching some staggering totals and causing online slots enthusiasts to take notice.

There are currently four jackpot levels that Mega Moolah can be played under, mega jackpot, major jackpot, maxi jackpot and mini jackpot. The big win at the top dog level, mega jackpot, has been pulled a total of five times since the introduction of the game and rolled out an accumulated total of 12.3 million Euros. That’s a lot of jackpots and a lot Euros. The highest payout to date of the mega jackpot selection reached an amazing 6.37 million Euros, certainly the kind of payout one doesn’t normally find themselves taking home. The statistics of the game of Mega Moolah however show that this particular online slot has sent gamers walking away with a heavy pocket on more than one occasion. Even at the maxi jackpot level alone, over 20 million Euros has been paid out and enjoyed by over a quarter million online gamers. The major jackpot option also recently sent a player home with 310,000 Euros in a single payment win.  The micro jackpot selection is ranking up there as well with a total of 276 million Euros paid out since the introduction of the game.

Online gamers pulling the lever of Mega Moolah can choose to be paid out in whatever currency they are playing in, a nice feature for the worldwide gaming community. Another feature of Mega Moolah that is unique to this game and one of the reasons behind the games popularity is the unique design behind the four jackpot levels. Each individual jackpot has a different maximum and minimum payout range. Mega Moolah is therefore in most respects four games in one. This means more options and a wide range of pay in pay out options for all the varying levels of online gamers. The mega jackpot pays out a top prize no less than 1,000,000 Euros, the smaller jackpots, major, maxi, and mini begin paying out at 10,000, 100, and 10 Euros respectively. As would be assumed, the smaller jackpots are taken home much more frequently which adds to the attractiveness of the game to small time gamers since you don’t have to play big to win. Mega Moolah therefore has a little something for everyone.

Regardless of the amount you decide to play for and the jackpot level you decide is best for you, Mega Moolah seems to be enjoyed by all levels of players. The man behind the face of Mega Moolah states that he can’t say for sure what has made Mega Moolah so popular amongst online gamers, but he is quite sure that the four levels of play and the other in-game features are likely the main reason behind the draw. At the time of Mega Moolah’s introduction it was really one of the first online slot machine games to offer such innovative features; due to the popularity amongst players it will most likely be joined by many other games of a similar design in the new future but for now when it comes to online slot machine game popularity Mega Moolah takes the cake and then some. Interested to see if you can take home a piece of the prize as well?

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