Get your Black Card at Full Tilt

In the world of credit cards, having a black card puts you in an elite class of yuppies who can afford to blow $250,000 a year on lavish expenditures.  The Black Card being offered by Full Tilt Poker is somewhat similar to the one issued by credit card companies since you need to be in an elite class of online poker players to receive one.

If you’re interested in attaining upper echelon status among internet poker players with a Full Tilt Black Card, then you’d better start hitting the poker tables because Black Card membership requirements demand that you carry an average of 500 Full Tilt Points a day.  The average needs to be maintained every 100 days, and if you are able to meet these lofty requirements, Full Tilt will actually mail you a Black Card.

Of course, just having a Black Card that reads ‘Full Tilt’ doesn’t hold much weight so you’ll be entitled to lots of perks as a card holder.  You will receive double Full Tilt Points, be able to play poker in specific Black Card tournaments, have your questions and inquiries handled by a specialized Black Card customer support team, and have access to the exclusive Black Card Store.  The Black Card Store offers merchandise that only card holders will be able to get.  One bonus that’s not listed with the card is that you can also take advantage of Full Tilt’s 27% rakeback deals.

Having access to so many benefits with a Black Card means a lot of holdem poker players won’t want to lose this card once they get it.  And even if you fall short of the minimum points requirements after obtaining the card, you have 50 days to regain Black Card status before it is officially revoked.  If you are interested in getting a Black Card, download the poker software for Full Tilt and start playing as much as possible.

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