Tom Dwan earns $1.5 Million in One Day

As an average online poker player, you may sit back sometimes and dream of making $1.5 million in a single year.  As Tom Dwan, you can sit at the poker tables and make this much money in one day!

Dwan made the aforementioned $1.5 million earlier this week on October 6th while playing high stakes games at Full Tilt Poker.  The special day began when he faced off against fellow poker pro llari “Zigmund” Sahamies, and the two played a little $500/$1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha.  Some of the pot sizes Dwan won in this session’s poker hands included $275,000, $302,000, and $416,000. 

In all, Dwan earned $1.2 million after his session with Sahamies; when everything was added up from other poker games he played, Dwan had made $1.5 million.  Just think about all of the rakeback that he could have  made along with the $1,500,000 since Full Tilt offers 27% rakeback deals!

It’s encouraging to hear from Dwan again because his original “Durrrr Challenge” has ground to a halt at 40,000 hands (about 10,000 hands still need to be played).  After making lots of poker news when their contest first began, Dwan and his opponent Patrik Antonius have yet to play since August.  Dwan is leading the challenge by $2 million, and will win an additional $500,000 if he can keep this lead.

Unfortunately for Dwan, he isn’t faring so well in his other internet poker challenge since Dan “JungleMan12” Cates is leading by almost $700k after 7,500 hands of play.  Luckily for Dwan, there is a lot of poker left to be played so he has more than enough time to turn things around and beat Cates.  For now though, the $1.5 million he won earlier this week should be enough to keep him satisfied.

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