Play Against PokerStars Pros in the LuckyGump Series

As if having the chance to play at the world’s largest online poker room isn’t enough, PokerStars is now giving people the opportunity to play against some of the world’s best players in Alexey “LuckyGump” Makarov and Denys “diatty” Shcherbakov for huge bounties and cash prizes. 

This promotion, which is entitled the LuckyGump Series, is actually named after Makarov and will run from October 6th to the 27th.  To play poker in the LuckyGump Series, all you need to do is look for the free, low, and medium stakes qualifiers in the PokerStars lobby.  Every LuckyGump poker tournament will offer a prize pool and either Marakov or Shcherbakov will be in the tourney with a bounty on their head.

Of course, the overall goal in these qualifiers is to make it to the $5,000 Final Freeroll that takes place on October 29th.  The qualifiers you can play in to make it to the $5,000 Final include the following:

LuckyGump Freeroll – free poker tournament ($0.50 rake), $50 prize pool and $50 bounty
LuckyGump Low Stakes Qualifier – $4.40 entry, $150 prize pool and $150 bounty
LuckyGump Medium Stakes Qualifier – $22 entry, $500 prize pool and $150 bounty

As mentioned before, the top players from these events will move on to the $5,000 Freeroll Final.  Besides the Freeroll Final prize pool, bounties on the pros’ heads, and qualifier prize pools the top 3 freeroll ticket earners in earlier rounds will earn $300 (1st place), $200 (2nd place), and $100 (3rd place). 

If you are somebody who is trying to build your bankroll through tournaments and other poker games, the LuckyGump Series gives you a perfect opportunity to do so.  The buy-ins are relatively inexpensive, you can win bounties that are on the pros’ heads, and there will be lots of cash in the tournament prize pools too.

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