Play Double Hold’em at Party Poker

While playing holdem poker is already fun, you may find Double Holdem at Party Poker to be even more fun.  If the concept of Double Holdem sounds totally foreign, don’t worry because this is one of Party Poker’s newest online poker deals. 

Not much changes from regular holdem to Double Holdem poker games expect for the amount of hole cards you receive.  You get three hole cards to play poker with, which benefits both you and your opponents. 

The way Double Holdem poker hands work is that you’ll make pre-flop bets as usual.  Once the flop is dealt, you will select a point card out of the three in your hand; if you don’t select a point card yourself, the poker software selects the point card.  When the point card is selected, this card moves to the middle and you’ll be able to play one of the cards on either side of the point.  So basically, you take a guess at which card will benefit you the most throughout the hand, and one of your other cards will come into play at the end.

Everything else is played the same and hand rankings don’t change either.  But the excitement comes in when you are able to use an extra hole card while making decisions.  So if you’re getting bored with regular holdem games and want a new internet poker game to play, Double Holdem is perfect. 

To start playing Double Holdem, you should complete the poker download of Party Poker and search for these games in the lobby.  Oh…and make sure you look at our VIP offer before you join Party Poker and start playing Double Holdem.  By signing up for our Party Poker offer, you will be getting up to 40% VIP returnvia the VIP Palladium Club!

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