Were You Dealt the Worst Hand Ever?

Have you ever had that annoying player at your table who blames their loss on having been dealt the absolute worst hand ever? Pouty poker players are the worst kind and if you know what the worst hand ever really is you can quickly correct them, as most likely they weren’t actually dealt the worst hand ever, and get back to the game.

Some would argue that the worst hand ever has simply got to be the 7-2. Sure, the 7-2 is undoubtedly an awful hand no one ever wants to find themselves holding but it is not the worst hand ever by any means. Why? A 7-2 can be beaten by any pair, there is no way to make a flush or a straight without getting rid of one of your cards and if you do accomplish that you probably aren’t going to have the highest straight or biggest flush on the table. All of these things are true. But, what is also true is that if you are dealt a 7-2 you probably aren’t going to play it, why would you? Therefore, this hand isn’t going to draw you down some long line of betting and leave you crying all the way home. You are going to drop this hand as fast as you can and not lose much of anything.

The worst hand in poker is actually the hand that is going to get you into the most trouble. The one that even if you realize you might be beat just simply won’t let you go, the one that seems to instigate sticky situations, the one that prompts bad decisions. This hand, is different for everyone. There really is no one worst hand ever because it depends on the uniqueness of each player and which combination of cards seems to grab them by the ear and pull them into a pool of trouble.

So, with that in mind, if your poker buddy continuously complains about you dealing him the worst hand ever, simply tell him to quit letting his hands get the best of him. The worst hand ever is in actuality only dealt to him when he lets it be. With this form of poker psychology tucked under your belt you can enjoy some great winnings and be confident that the worst hand ever won’t get the best of you.

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