Full Tilts Nick Schulman appears on MTVs World of Jenks

Full Tilt Poker player Nick Schulman recently appeared on a very interesting episode of the new MTV show “World of Jenks.”  If you haven’t heard of “World of Jenks,” it’s a documentary-style TV show where host Andrew Jenks dives into interesting professions to gain new perspectives.  As you may have guessed, the show featuring Schulman was about casino poker.

After Jenks meets Schulman, Nick and his friend are playing Chinese poker (where Schulman reveals he is down $4,800).  Then Schulman happens to win a $20,000 pot while playing internet poker at Full Tilt.  After winning the giant pot, Schulman gambles with his buddy to see if he can throw poker cards into an ice bucket sitting across the room. 

Nick Schulman takes Jenks for a night out in Las Vegas afterwards, and proves that he doesn’t just gamble through poker games or throwing cards into ice buckets.  He and his friends continue to bet on paper-rock-scissors, pool trick shots, and more poker before Jenks has to go to bed while Schulman continues to play poker.  After winning $34,000 in a holdem poker session, Schulman and Jenks meet back up to drive around Vegas where Nick gives Jenks some good poker strategy advice regarding money. 

Perhaps the most interesting part of the show is when Andrew Jenks and Schulman travel to London for a one-day, televised poker tournament.  There are a lot of other very interesting parts of this “World of Jenks” episode where Nick Schulman offers a deep perspective on his life.  

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