Russian Spy releases Poker Game

Commonsense would tell you that it’s not good to be a captured spy.  You would be held captive, forced to reveal vital information, and possibly even tortured.  That’s of course if you were caught as a spy before 2010.  Now captured spies are treated like celebrities, and even get to release their own poker games!

Such is the case with Russian spy Anna Chapman who has become quite the media magnet after being arrested by US authorities for espionage several weeks ago.  Chapman is not only all over the news for her celebrity appearances and interviews, but now she is all over the poker news after releasing Poker with Anna Chapman.

This new game was designed by Zelda Inc. and has been released as an iPhone application.  And while the title suggests that this game is strictly about the poker cards, Poker with Anna Chapman seems to be just as much about her sex appeal.  In fact, there are quite a few pictures of Chapman in tight clothing and James Bond Girl-type suits. 

The tag on this game says it all as it reads, “Feel the thrill of playing poker with Anna Chapman, the real-life Russian Bond girl!  Find inside an exclusive collection of Anna’s photos in which she flaunts posh outfits and allows a glance at her social life with parties, shopping and more.”

Besides the photos, another advertised perk of this game is that players who beat Anna will be added as a friend on her Facebook page.  And while this is nice, it hardly measures up to the joy you’ll get out of online poker deals and rakeback deals.  Even Chapman herself knows that it’s a lot more fun to play poker online since she reportedly wanted her own online poker room before settling for the iPhone app. 

But even though it’s not an internet poker room, Poker with Anna Chapman should still be pretty fun.

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