5 Ways to Keep Your Online Bankroll Rollin’

There are many more ways than one to help you burn right through your online bankroll and find yourself searching classified adds for new employment rather than online gaming sites for new game opportunities. Becoming a successful online poker player takes control and discipline. Here are five tips to help you make sure that you’ve got what you need to fund your game and profit in your online gaming.

The first thing to remember is to always, always, play within the limits of your bankroll. Most successful online players agree that it is crucial to follow the rule of always having less than 5% of your online bankroll on the table at any given time. Some would even argue that 2% or 1% is a better margin to go by.

The second thing to always keep in mind is that you never want to be constantly checking your balance while you are playing. This can lead to some serious chasing of your losses which can become a race down a very dark tunnel. If you’re following rule number one there is no reason to keep checking your assets and be faced with the psychological ups and downs and the irresponsible gambling that can lead to.

The third rule is to take online gaming seriously. It’s true that you might be sitting in your own home, in your pajamas, playing a few online hands with the buddies; but, the bets are as real as if you were at the casino in your best suit and should be considered as so.

Rule number four, don’t zone in to the game so much that you start to zone out. It’s easy for poker lovers to get lost in the online poker world and go for hours without taking a break. This isn’t good for your body and it isn’t good for your game either.

The final rule to keeping your bankroll in good standing is to avoid tilt at all costs. If you feel you are starting to sway towards a frenzy of ridiculous raises, bets, or calls there is only one good choice to make- log off, immediately.

There are lots of ways to enjoy online gaming and keep a positive bankroll, follow these five tips and you can be well on your way to enjoying the world of online poker and gaming.

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