Full Tilt Poker developing Mobile Phone Game

Just a couple of weeks after Russian spy Anna Chapman released her new iPhone game Poker with Anna Chapman, Full Tilt Poker is said to be working on a new application for the Android.

Full Tilt has been developing this mobile phone game for the past several weeks, and it’s rumored that the app could be done in as few as a few weeks.  News of Full Tilt going mobile first broke when they sent out an email to Black Card members earlier this week inviting them to participate in the mobile Rush Poker beta testing.  Now it appears as if Full Tilt is closer than ever to having both online poker and mobile phone poker.

Assuming Full Tilt does finish their application as scheduled, they would be the first major online poker room to offer such a service.  More importantly, Full Tilt Poker would be the first big internet poker company to offer real money games over a phone.  This would set quite a precedent considering that existing games only offer play money games.

For instance, Poker with Anna Chapman only allows people to play poker against Chapman with the ultimate prize being a chance to add her on Facebook.  However, this is a far cry from being able to participate in a cash game or poker tournament with real money on the line. 

What’s really exciting as we enter the mobile phone poker age is that players will be able to earn rakeback over their phones!  So in the case of Full Tilt Poker, you will be able to take advantage of their 27% rakeback deals from anywhere on the planet.  Forget lugging your laptop around or being chained to a desktop computer because you’ll soon be earning lots of rakeback from your phone.

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