Ultimate Bet has Excellent Micro Stakes Promotion

If you play micro stakes poker games, you don’t expect to play for lots of money at this juncture.  In fact, you are probably just hoping to improve your poker strategy before moving on to higher stakes.  But at Ultimate Bet Poker, you don’t have to wait for the higher stakes before playing for lots of cash.  You can play poker for major money right now through their Perfect Play promotion!

Altogether there will be over $100,000 worth of prizes offered with the money spread out over several different promotions.  In Perfect 10, you will compete in $10 +$1 tournaments for leaderboard money; the better you finish on this leaderboard, the more of the $60,000 in Perfect 10 cash you will earn. 

In Perfect 3, you compete in the same leaderboard format, except the tournaments only cost $3 + $0.30 to enter; in all, $26,000 will be given out through the Perfect 3 leaderboard.  The player who finishes with the most cash on both the Perfect 10 and Perfect 3 poker tournament leaderboards combined will receive an additional $2,500 (called the Perfect Player Bonus).

Cash game and sit and go players aren’t left out of the mix either since there are Perfect Cash Games and Perfect Sit and Go’s.  In Perfect Cash Games, players will earn double loyalty points for playing at the $0.10/$0.20 poker tables and below.  For the Perfect Sit and Go promotion, you only need to win one $1.20 SNG labeled “Perfect Promo SnGs” to earn a spot in a $2,500 free poker tournament.  

The added bonus to participating in any of the Perfect Play promotions is that you can earn 30% rakeback if you sign up for a deal.  Players can sign up for 30% rakeback deals at Ultimate Bet Poker so if you aren’t signed up for one, it’s highly recommended that you do so.

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