Full Tilt giving away $150k through SNG’s This Weekend

If you aren’t currently a Full Tilt Poker member, now is the best time to download their poker software.  That’s because Full Tilt is giving away $150,000 this weekend through Super Sit N Go Madness. 

If you want to win a piece of the $150,000, you don’t have much time to waste because the Super Sit N Go Madness online poker deals only last for 48 hours.  Super Sit N Go Madness starts at 16:00 ET on November 5th, and the poker games go on until 16:00 ET on November 7th.

One of the biggest prizes in this event is an entry into the $75,000 Super Madness Freeroll.  To get into this free poker tournament, you only need to win three qualifying sit and go’s (highlighted in green) in the 48-hour period.  As soon as you win three freerolls, you’ll receive a ticket to play in the $75,000 freeroll.

In addition to the freeroll entries, cash prizes will be given out to online poker players every two hours.  The way that the cash prizes are awarded depends upon what group of tournaments you are playing.  For instance, Group A includes buy-ins between $1 and $2, Group B covers $5 to $11 buy-ins, Group C includes buy-ins from $20 to $35, and Group D covers buy-ins from $50 to $110.  Whoever is in first place at the end of the two hours will be awarded a prize based on the following:

Group A wins $20
Group B wins $100
Group C wins $200
Group D wins $500

Besides the first place player, cash prizes are also awarded to the top seven players in each group at the end of two hours.  In addition to the two hour leaderboards, there is also an overall leaderboard.  The top two internet poker players from each group will earn tickets to a $5,000 freeroll on November 13th.

Keep in mind that you can also sign up for one of Full Tilt’s 27% rakeback deals while you’re signing up to play in Super Sit N Go Madness.

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