How to Get The Highest Rakeback at Full Tilt

Highest Rakeback at Full Tilt Poker

Yes we know that rakeback is fixed at 27% at Full Tilt, but A LOT of our players cost themselves a lot of their rakeback by making unnecessary withdrawals and deposits to their FT accounts.

Every time you make a deposit you get charged. That means that your total rake is reduced and therefore your rakeback is calculated and you end up getting way less than 27% rakeback.

This is how you can improve your return at Full Tilt:

  1. Don’t Make Unnecessary Withdrawals From Your Full Tilt Account
    If you don’t need the cash and will probably re-deposit it later then you should leave the money where it is. This will save you about 10-20% of you actual rakeback!
  2. Play Rush Poker
    If you haven’t tried it you must! By playing Rush Poker you can play 3-4 times as many hands per hour and therefore increase your rakeback by 300-400%!
  3. Multi-Tabling
    If Rush Poker isn’t your cup of tea then you should try opening a second or third table. Again depending on how many tables you open you can increase your rake and rakeback by that amount. 2 tables would be 200%, 4 tables 400% etc.

    And if you’re brave enough to try multi tabling Rush Poker then you could increase your rakeback by anything from 800-2400%

  4. Play during Happy Hour and earn multiple points!
    Look for daily Happy Hours and head to FT’s specially designated tables to begin earning your Full Tilt Points two to three times faster than usual. Your bonus points will automatically appear in your account so all you have to worry about is how to spend them.
  5. Deposit using well-known deposit methods
    If you have to deposit, stick to the well-known deposit methods. These are the processors that charge Full Tilt the least and so your rakeback gets impacted less. These include, Moneybookers and Neteller.
  6. Get player to player transfers instead of depositing
    If you need to get cash on to your FT account, try asking a friend who has excess funds to make a player to player transfer for you and then pay them via their bank account or in cash! This way you both avoid all deposit and withdrawal fees!
  7. Become a Black Card Member and exchange points for Cash!
    Black Card members earn double points on all their play and you can then buy cash bonuses with your points and boost your rakeback to 40-50% while clearing the bonuses.

These are just some of the ways to boost your overall return at FT and limit the impact of the charges.

Good luck at the tables

The RTR Group


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