Ultimate Bet Bad Beat Jackpot worth over $570,000!

One of the most popular online poker deals ever is the bad beat jackpot offered at Ultimate Bet Poker.  This jackpot is always worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it has grown as high as $800,000 in the past.

And while it may not be big poker news to the regulars at UB, the bad beat jackpot is steadily climbing to massive amounts once again since it’s currently worth over $570,000.  The payout structure for the bad beat jackpot works like this:

– The loser gets 50%
– The winner gets 25%
– The rest of the players dealt into the hand get at least $1,000 each
– The remaining 35% goes to refunding the jackpot and paying the CEREUS Network.

In the case of this $570,000-plus jackpot, the loser would get $285,000, the winner would receive $142,500, and the rest of the players in the hand would receive at least $1,000.  With all of the money on the table here, it’s no wonder why players are rushing to Ultimate Bet to lose poker hands

UB poker pro Annie Duke summed up the importance of the UB bad beat jackpot when she said, “Another life altering jackpot is about to be hit at UB’s online poker tables and it’s all for a losing hand of cards.  One lucky Texas Hold’em player is about to win in a day more than most people earn in a year at the office.  It’s incredible!”

Ultimate Bet isn’t the only place where you can win the bad beat jackpot since Absolute Poker is also part of the CEREUS Network.  In addition to the bad beat jackpot, you can sign up for the 30% rakeback deals that both UB and Absolute Poker have.  The amount of cash you’ll save with rakeback will give you more chances at the CEREUS Network bad beat jackpot!

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