Make Major Money with Cake Poker’s Exchange

Cake Poker players have long been able to earn lots of online poker rewards and bonuses through Gold Cards.  If you haven’t heard of Gold Cards, they are randomly awarded to players through poker hands.  In short, the more internet poker you play, the more Gold Cards you are going to receive. 

Players are able to use Gold Cards to enter poker games, earn cash prizes, and compete in leaderboard races.  But now players have even more flexibility than ever with Gold Cards because they can buy and even sell Gold Cards.

This program is called “The Exchange,” and it allows players to earn cash for the Gold Cards they don’t use to enter a poker tournament or compete in leaderboard races.  Some Gold Cards are worth more than others so players can discuss the value of their cards before making a sale.  Early reports of Gold Card sales show that over 80,000 cards have been sold already, and some players have made as much as $1,000 through selling Gold Cards!

Cake Poker manager Lee Jones is very excited about this new facet of Gold Cards as he released a statement saying, “I am more excited about The Exchange than any promotion or feature I’ve seen in seven years in the online poker business.  We are giving our players a virtually open market in which to buy and sell Gold Cards.”

Having the ability to buy and sell Gold Cards is a great addition to an already impressive lineup of online poker deals at Cake.  Their 33% rakeback deals are a hit since some players are making thousands of dollars a month off of this.  Now that players can sell Gold Cards for extra cash, they are literally sitting on a gold mine when you throw in the fabulous rakeback offer!

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