Full Tilt’s FTOPS XVIII has Started

These days, it seems like either PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker is running some huge multi-million dollar event every other month.  This time it is Full Tilt that is running another big online poker event since the Full Tilt Online Poker Series has just kicked off with a new installment.

By the time FTOPS XVIII is over with, it will have ran 34 poker games and paid out over $19 million in guaranteed money.  In fact, the event has already paid out $1.4 million because the first three tournaments are finished. 

Event #1 was a holdem poker tourney with $900,000 in the prize pool, and “Pageh656” won the tournament along with $117,434.48.  Event #2 was an Omaha poker tournament, and the prize pool offered over $255,000; “TUTANKHAMEN” took first place and a $56,188 prize.  The third tournament of FTOPS XVIII was a 6-max holdem tourney with $347,000 in the prize pool.  Noted internet poker pro “BigGamesJames” won this tournament and a $60,795 prize.

If you missed the first three tournaments of FTOPS XVIII, don’t worry because there are still 31 tourneys left.  All you need to do to get in on these huge tournaments is complete the poker download of Full Tilt and make a deposit.  Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to play in any of the FTOPS XVIII tourneys – provided you have the money of course.  The tournament that you’ll really want to be ready for is the Main Event, which offers a $3 million guaranteed prize pool!

It’s also smart to sign up for Full Tilt’s rakeback offer so you get 27% of the money back that you spend on rake.  If you decide to keep playing at Full Tilt, these rakeback deals can potentially earn you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month.

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