Party Poker lets Players go Anonymous

When you play poker, sometimes it’s preferable to do it anonymously.  Maybe you don’t want to run into an annoying online poker player, or you are hoping to take advantage of fish who leave the poker table whenever they see you. 

Unfortunately, the only way to remain anonymous at poker sites is by creating multiple accounts; and in most cases, creating multiple accounts (multi-accounting) is against poker rules.  Luckily, there is a simple solution for those who want to remain anonymous at the poker tables – play at Party Poker

Recently, Party Poker integrated anonymous heads-up tables into their poker software, and screen names are hidden in these rooms.  The biggest benefit to these anonymous heads-up tables is that people won’t be able to track you with software programs and player notes.  So it’s all skill-against-skill in these poker rooms.

Party Poker pro and High Stakes Poker host Kara Scott is really excited about the new anonymous tables as she said, “Playing anonymously will definitely make it more important to be very aware of your opponents’ actions, and then be flexible enough to adjust quickly rather than working off of your previous notes on a player’s style.” She continued by saying, “It’s good to exercise those muscles, and will certainly demand a greater focus on what’s actually going on in front of you at the table, rather than playing people who’s game you know inside out.”

Before you get as excited as Scott about the new anonymous tables and jump right into the games, you should sign up for their Loyalty offer.  Party Poker just so happens to offer one of the top Loyalty Programs in the industry since they give qualifying players up to a 40% return.  All you have to do is worry about knowing enough poker strategy to beat your opponents and make money.

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