Peter Eastgate’s Bracelet sells for $147,500

A few days ago, we broke the poker news that 2008 WSOP* Main Event champion Peter Eastgate was selling his gold bracelet on eBay to benefit UNICEF.  Adding further interest to the story, Party Poker pro Tony G released a statement saying that he wanted to win the bracelet so he could make a dog collar out of it.  The controversial casino poker player also said that he fully expected to win the bracelet, and the bidding wouldn’t break $17,500 (bidding started at $16,000).

It looks like Tony G was wrong on both accounts since bidding skyrocketed the bracelet price to $147,500!  It’s unclear as to the winning bidder’s real identity since eBay has strict privacy rules in place to protect identities.  However, we do know that the winning bidder’s screen name is “7***l” and they have no eBay bidding history.  Could it be that the winning bidder is an online poker star who wanted the bracelet?

While we may never find out, a couple of interesting things to note is that “7***l” was actually outbid by someone else who posted a $150,017 bid; but that bid was later retracted giving way to the $147,500 winning offer.

Eastgate is just the latest former poker player to have his WSOP bracelet sold on eBay with T.J. Cloutier and Paul “The Eskimo” Clark’s bracelets also appearing on the auction site.  Clark’s 1999 $1,500 Razz bracelet is currently for sale (current bid is $2,076), while Cloutier’s 2005 $2,500 holdem poker bracelet sold for $4,000. 

As a gesture of kindness, Cake Poker bought the bracelet from the Plano, Texas pawnshop that was selling it, and gave the bracelet back to Cloutier.  Giving Cloutier his bracelet back isn’t the only gesture of good faith by Cake Poker since they also offer players a 33% rakeback deal.


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