Five Star Poker Challenge is offering $205k in Freerolls

If you’re trying to build a bankroll so you can eventually compete with the big dogs, then the Five Star Poker Challenge at Party Poker is the perfect deal.  That’s because the Five Star Poker Challenge is going to offer a $5,000 freeroll every day in December.  Since there’s 31 days in December, that’s a total of $155,000 in freerolls throughout the month of December!

The best part about all of these free poker tournaments is that entering them is easy; all you need to do is earn 5 Party Points in a single day, and you’ll receive a $5,000 poker tournament ticket the next day.  With the entry requirements being so easy, you could potentially play in all 31 freerolls.

Even if you don’t make it into every $5k freeroll in December, you should still try to qualify for at least 5 freerolls next month.  The reason why is because online poker players who qualify for 5 freerolls will earn a spot in the $50,000 finale held on January 2nd.  If you do the math, this brings the total amount of Party Poker freeroll cash to $205,000 for December.

As yet another bonus in the Five Star Poker Challenge, anyone who wins more than one daily freeroll will win a huge jackpot prize.  Here are the prizes for potential jackpot winners:

Win two daily freerolls = $5,000
Win three daily freerolls = $50,000
Win five daily freerolls = $500,000

Obviously it’s not easy to win five daily freerolls, but the half million dollar prize makes it worth the effort.  And even if you don’t win a single daily freeroll, you can still be a big winner by signing up for 40% VIP return at Party Poker.  This offer is one of the highest in the internet poker industry, so make sure to take advantage of it.

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