Racy Rakeback Racener in the News for Wrong Reasons

John Racener has been having a whale of a time on the poker tables this year but perhaps should stick to playing online and earning rakeback as every time he leaves his house he seems to forget his brain. His latest transgression has seen him pick up his third DUI (driving under the influence) after refusing to consent to blood alcohol test. Either stick to earning rakeback and playing on or have the number of a cab company with you is our advice.

The poker forums have little sympathy for John Racener who has gained a reputation as a talented live player over the last few years and his second place at the Main Event and final table at the WTP Five Diamonds Poker Classic have boosted his profile enormously. Racener had previously performed well at the WSOP without reaching a final table but made amends this year and was on course for a stellar 2010 before his latest run in with the law.

Since the offence Racener has kept his head low and avoided courting controversy and this can only be a good thing as he looks to make this third aberration his last.  As Harry Reid looks to push through the Online Poker Act in this lame duck session the last thing the poker world needed was more off table controversy but if Racener can make the right noises and change his ways perhaps online poker can do the same and we can all breathe a sigh of relief and go back to using banks to fund our poker accounts!

In some good news for Racener he was spotted playing online and back to his more acceptable tricks of going deep in a major online MTT and for all those that believe in his skills as a poker player it is a relief to see his mistake has not affected his poker playing. Racener knows the value of rakeback and has made thousands from us so maybe he will use his rakeback payments to pay off his no doubt five figure fine.

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