Full Tilt is awarding 2X Points until January

If you’ve ever considered playing at Full Tilt Poker, now is the perfect time to do so because they are giving away double Full Tilt Points through their Short Handed Happy Hour promotion. But don’t let the name fool you because this happy hour runs 24/7 until February 1st.

So how can you cash in on one of the top online poker deals at Full Tilt? Simply play poker at one of Full Tilt’s shorthanded poker tables until this promotion ends. As long as you’re at a shorthanded table, you’ll be earning double Full Tilt Points!

Of course, it’s helpful to know what constitutes a shorthanded table at Full Tilt, so here is a look at the tables you need to be playing on:

6-handed tables – the table is considered shorthanded if three or less people are playing.
8-handed tables – the table is shorthanded if four or less people are playing.
9-handed tables – the table is shorthanded when five or less people are playing.

Finding the Short Handed Happy Hour tables is easy since you just need to look for a Smiley Face icon in the poker software. Once you find one of these tables, take a seat and start racking up the double points. But don’t stop at double Full Tilt Points because you can also earn triple points if you play at one of these tables during a regular Happy Hour.

And while you’re taking advantage of these double and triple points opportunities, why not earn even more rewards by signing up for Full Tilt’s rakeback deals. You can get 27% rakeback just by making sure you’re signed up at RaketheRake.

Getting back to the double points, this is a great deal because you’ll move closer towards being able to get excellent merchandise from the Full Tilt Store. By using your points, you can purchase Blu-Ray players, Full Tilt gear, LCD TV’s, digital cameras, iPods, laptops and even cars.

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