DoylesRoom offering $50,000 Bounty and Rakeback

Most players are perfectly content with the 33% rakeback deals that DoylesRoom offers. But the great thing about DoylesRoom is that they are constantly giving people even more reasons to be happy with their incredible online poker deals. The latest deal involves a bounty poker tournament where players can potentially earn a bounty worth $50,000!

The way the Bounty Tournament at DoylesRoom works is that three players will be marked before the event begins. If you’re able to knock one of these pros out of the tourney, you’ll earn $1,000; knock two marked players out and you will get $10,000. And while this is a lot of money, the big reward comes if you knock all three marked pros out because you’ll get $50,000.

In addition to being able to earn up to $50,000 in bounties, you can also get other bonuses including $5,000 for completing the 10/2 Challenge. The concept of the 10/2 Challenge is that Doyle Brunson has won two WSOP Main Events with 10/2; so if you can knock Doyle out of the Bounty Tournament (even if he’s not marked) with 10/2 of any suit, you will earn $5,000. One more bonus includes $500 in online casino chips that goes to the Bounty Tournament champion.

With all of the cash and rewards involved in the Bounty Tournament, it’s definitely worth playing in this event. If you want to play poker in the Bounty Tournament, you can either pay the $27.50 buy-in or qualify through any of the following satellites:

– $0.29 Satellite that runs from 12am ET to 6pm ET
– $3 Super Satellite that starts at 8pm ET
– $5.50 Bounty Satellite that runs on Wednesday from 12am ET to 7:30pm ET
– 10-player SNG Bounty Satellite with $3 buy-in (runs when enough players sign up)
– 90-player SNG Bounty Satellite with $3 buy-in (runs when enough players sign up)

As you can see, there are lots of options for entering the Bounty Tournament if you don’t have $27.50 for the buy-in. And remember that you can get 33% rakeback on both the regular buy-in and the satellites.

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