Full Tilt has Legal Multi-Entry Tournaments

Normally, the only way you can enter a poker tournament with multiple entries is by using several different accounts. And this is considered cheating by all normal online poker standards. However, Full Tilt Poker has created a totally new concept that allows you to have multiple entries in the same tournament without drawing the ire of the poker world.

These new tourneys are called Multi-Entry tournaments, and they’re just the latest innovation by Full Tilt. As the name implies, you can buy into the same tournament with multiple entries, which will be spread throughout the tables. Simply put, none of your multiple seats will be on the same table. Just imagine how much rakeback you’ll be able to earn by playing in a single tournament with multiple entries!

In addition to the potential rakeback overflow, the other obvious benefit to Multi-Entry tournaments is that you’ll have more chances to win the event. Essentially, you won’t have to worry about getting knocked out of a tourney within the first hour when you’ve got five other seats.

Of course, one of the biggest questions people have in regards to the Multi-Entry tournaments is what happens if somebody has more seats in play than tables left. Luckily, Full Tilt has this problem covered because any player in this position will have two (or more) of their chip stacks combined into one to prevent colluding.

If you’re wondering how to find the Multi-Entry tournaments, simply look at the tournament schedule in the FT poker software. If you click on the “Tourney Types” icon, you’ll find tournaments that are marked “Multi-Entry.” Assuming you choose a Multi-Entry tourney, you’ll be able to choose how many seats you wish to play. Obviously the more entries you pick, the better chance you’ll have at winning, and the more rakeback you’ll collect.

Full Tilt’s Big Little Tournament ($2 buy-in, $200k prize pool) is one of the events that’s being offered as a Multi-Entry tourney, so this is definitely exciting. And there will be many more big Multi-Entry events offered in the future, which means you’ll want to visit Full Tilt Poker as much as possible.

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