Full Tilt running $30 Million in Double Guarantees Tournaments

Most people are perfectly satisfied with the $750,000 Guaranteed tournament that Full Tilt Poker runs every Sunday. And people are especially happy with the 27% rakeback deals they offer! Of course, players wouldn’t complain if Full Tilt doubled the $750,000 Guaranteed prize pool to $1,500,000. And this is exactly what you can expect across the board at Full Tilt from January 24th to January 30th during their Double Guarantees Week.

As the name implies, every weekly guaranteed poker tournament will have its prize pool doubled. Double Guarantees Week starts at 0:00 ET on January 24th with the $23,000 KO Guarantee, which will actually have a $46,000 prize pool. From there the prize pools only get bigger! Take a look at some of the highlights of Double Guarantees Week:

January 24th, 21:00 ET – $600,000 $1K Monday with $160 buy-in
January 30th, 12:30 ET – $200,000 Little Big Tournament with $2 buy-in
January 30th, 14:00 ET – $800,000 Sunday Brawl with $256 buy-in
January 30th, 17:00 ET – $1,500,000 Guaranteed with $216 buy-in
January 30th, 16:00 ET – $400,000 Guaranteed (Rebuy) with $163 buy-in
January 30th, 16:22 ET – $400,000 Double Deuce with $22 buy-in
January 30th, 19:00 ET – $400,000 Sunday Mulligan with $216 buy-in

As you can see, many of the biggest tournaments during Double Guarantees Week take place on Sunday. The Little Big Tournament and Double Deuce are really nice because of the huge prize pool and low buy-in! But there are plenty of other big tournaments with small buy-ins running throughout the week too.

Don’t forget about the 27% rakeback deal that Full Tilt has either! This offer will give back over a quarter of the rake money you pay during Double Guarantees Week. So make sure you are eligible for the rake offer before January 24th, and download the FT poker software too.

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