Annie Duke is Commissioner of New Poker League

Just weeks after leaving UB Poker, it looks like Annie Duke already has a new job lined up. She is going to head a new casino poker league that seeks to have the same professional players compete across a series of tournaments.

The league, which doesn’t have a name yet, has been described by some as the PGA of poker since the same pros will be competing in each event. This differs from most other organizations since they allow anyone who pays a buy-in a chance to play poker. Even players who don’t pay the buy-in can win prize packages to land-based tournaments through online poker satellites and qualifiers.

Duke commented on the interesting angle taken by her new poker league as she told the press, “This is incredibly pro-centric. This is the one piece that’s kind of missing from the poker landscape right now, which is something for the best players in the world to compete against the best players in the world.” She also added, “Fans have shown over and over again that they love the stars of this game. It’s the stars of this game that they really want to be watching on television, and I think the stars should get something in return for that.”

The first season is scheduled to run four televised tournaments with a $1 million free poker event at the end of the year. Somewhere around 200 players are expected to be invited into this league, and a mathematical formula using several factors is going to determine who gets invited.

Being invited into this league would be a huge deal to players since there is no buy-in for the tournaments. So it’s basically a free shot at money for the pros who play in these poker games. Of course, some players might still opt to stay home and play internet poker where they can collect rakeback and take advantage of other excellent deals.

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