RPMPoker offering Huge Cash Bonus to SNG Players

If you play lots of sit and go’s every month, listen to this: RPMPoker is offering players a huge cash bonus if they can play 500 SNG tournaments in a month. Anybody who plays 500 SNG tourneys will receive a bonus worth 5 times their favorite poker tournament buy-in. So if your normal buy-in is $30, RPMPoker will pay you an extra $150 (5 X $30).

Sure 500 tournaments is a lot to play in a single month, but if you play sit and go’s anyways, you’ve got nothing to lose. Another thing to consider is that you’ll reach the goal of 500 SNG’s a lot faster when you multi-table.

Of course, the best thing of all about playing sit and go’s, or any poker games at RPM for that matter, is that they offer 35% rakeback deals to new players. Few online poker rooms offer this large of a rakeback deal, so you should consider downloading the RPM poker software right away!

Besides rakeback and the sit and go deal, there are plenty of other big promotions running at RPMPoker. The VIP Program at RPM is especially popular since players earn points that can be redeemed for free poker tournament entries, RPM Store merchandise and even money.

Along with the VIP Program, RPMPoker also runs a bad beat jackpot, where losing a hand of four 7’s or better can win you major cash. RPM’s biggest bad beat jackpot ever was $1 million, so there is definitely some major cash at stake here! And there’s plenty of major cash at stake in the 50K50X promo, where playing 50,000 poker hands in one month will earn you an extra $500. Again, if you’re going to be playing a lot of poker, why not play at RPM where you’ll get rewarded for frequent play.

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