Free iPads Extravaganza

iPad Extravaganza at

From 1st February to 30th September we are giving all our valued clients a chance to win one of multiple 16GB + Wi-Fi iPad and iPad 2.

From the biggest rakers down to the smallest, there’s a chance for everyone to win the biggest must have of the 21st century.
And we want as many of you guys and girls as possible to win one of these little beauties.
And the best part of all?… All prizes are in addition to rakeback, rake races, freerolls and bonuses!

There are opportunities to earn an iPad outright from raking as little as $900 over 3 months – (yep you read it correctly just $900!), to qualifying for a freeroll to win one of these fabulous gizmos just for raking $1.

Our target is to give away 100 iPads!

But if it’s more than that then great! And you can help us reach and beat that target.
So be sure to tell all your friends and the forums about this mustn’t miss opportunity!

What are you waiting for? – Click a button below and get that iPad!

iPad is a trade mark of Apple Inc.

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