PlayersOnly Poker offering $35k in Snakes and Ladders

Did you ever play the game Snakes and Ladders as a kid? If not, who cares because the important thing is that PlayersOnly Poker is giving away $35,000 each month through their Snakes and Ladders promotion. And it’s interesting that PlayersOnly is giving away $35k in cash each month because they also offer 35% rakeback deals.

Getting back to the promo, Snakes and Ladders works somewhat like the actual board game in that players earn VIP points throughout the month so they can “roll the dice.” And it’s definitely to your advantage to earn as many rolls as possible because rolling the dice moves you around the game board. If you’re able to make it around the board through playing poker games and rolling the dice, you’ll earn a cash prize worth up to $1,000! The journey doesn’t end here either because you can keep going around the board until the month ends.

Here is a quick look at the cash prizes you can earn by going around the board:

5 monthly prizes worth $1000
10 monthly prizes worth $500
35 monthly prizes worth $100
150 monthly prizes worth $50
300 monthly prizes worth $25
500 monthly prizes worth $10
750 monthly prizes worth $5

If you’re wondering more about the dice rolls, here is how many VIP points you need to roll the dice:

1st roll: 50 points
2nd roll: 75 points
3rd roll: 100 points
4th roll: 125 points
5th roll: 150 points
6th roll: 200 points
7th roll: 250 points
8th roll: 300 points
9th roll: 400 points
10th roll: 500 points
11th roll: 600 points
12th roll: 700 points
13th roll: 800 points

Basically, the only real cap to the amount of money you can earn with Snakes and Ladders is how much you play poker, and the $35,000 limit in monthly cash prizes. Of course, with all of the money on the line and 35% rakeback, it shouldn’t be hard motivating yourself to play lots of poker at PlayersOnly.

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