Everest Poker has Prize Packages for Live €1,000,000 Event

Even if you favor online poker 100% over casino poker, you have to admit that it would be great to play in a land-based tournament where €1,000,000 is on the line. You especially have to admit that it would be great to play poker for this amount totally free of charge!

But who would give you a free shot at a €1,000,000 prize pool? Well if you read the title of this poker news, then you’ve probably guessed that Everest Poker is who since they’re currently giving away $9,000 prize packages for their own Everest Poker One tournament.

If you haven’t heard anything about this poker tournament, here’s the deal: Everest Poker One is going to be held at Monaco’s luxurious Sporting Monte-Carlo from April 21st to April 24th. And in case you didn’t catch it the first (or second) time, there will be €1,000,000 in guaranteed money up for grabs.

Those who are interesting in winning a $9k Everest Poker One prize package should download the poker software for Everest, and start playing in these satellites:

– Wednesday through Monday freerolls (times varies); the top 50 players move on to the 1,000 points freerolls.

– Wednesday through Monday 1,000 Summit Points satellites at 20:30 GMT; the winner receives a seat in the $360 prize package finals, while second and third place get a Sunday satellite ticket.

– $33 Monday satellite at 20:30 GMT; top three players earn $360 prize package finals seats.

– $33 Tuesday satellite (time varies); one $360 prize package finals seat is given away.

– $33 Sunday satellite at 20:30 GMT; five $360 prize package finals seats are offered.

– $360 prize package finals on Tuesday at 20:30; one $9,000 Everest Poker One prize package guaranteed, while one prize package will be given out for 27 players in this satellite.

If you win a $9,000 prize package, it will cover your $6,900 Main Event buy-in, and leave $2,100 left over for plane tickets and hotel accommodations. And of course the big prize is that you’ll be playing for the aforementioned €1 million prize pool free!

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