Gus Hansen, Patrik Antonius, and Di Dang have already made $1.5 Million

Anybody who has played online poker long enough knows that it’s a game of swings – especially at the high stakes. Even with this being said, it’s worth nothing that Gus Hansen, Patrik Antonius, and Di “Urindanger” Dang have already earned $1.5 million in 2011 – and we’re not even two months into the year!

It’s not surprising that all three players play at Full Tilt Poker because this site has one of the highest rakeback offers at 27%. And you can only imagine the massive amount of rakeback that Hansen has made with almost $2.5 million in ‘11 profits. As we reported before in our poker news section, Hansen is in the midst of a huge upswing that began in October of 2010; he’s earned around $5.5 million since then.

Patrik Antonius has also enjoyed a nice start to 2011 as he’s made $1.1 million in profits. And Antonius has proven to be a master of two games since he’s made over $356k in Limit Holdem poker, and an additional $446k by playing Omaha Hi/Lo. Besides the Hi/Lo and Limit games, Antonius has went on to earn plenty of profits in PL Omaha and NL Hold’em too.

Dang has hauled in the second most money this year behind Hansen with $1.5 million in profits. Dang’s best variation has been PL Omaha, where he’s made over $652k in these poker games. The earnings uphold Dang’s reputation as one of the top internet poker players in the world.

And while you may not rank up there with Dang, you can still make quite a bit of money by signing up at Full Tilt, and taking advantage of the aforementioned rakeback deal. Who knows…..maybe one day you’ll also be mentioned with the likes of Hansen, Antonius and Dang.

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