Get more personal with your online poker game

Have you ever wanted to make the online poker game experience more personal? More like sitting in your own home with your own friends around the table? Well, now you can thanks to PokerStars online Home Games.

Home Games allows you to set up your own poker club, invite your friends and set up games for whenever you choose with your own tournament lobby. It’s all customisable and even better, it’s free!

But of course you’ll also want to keep your poker friends in check, so Home Games allow you to run a leaderboard and ensure player stats and tournament results are captured. Your tables will be customized to your poker club and your games are private for your members only.

A slightly different twist to the personalised poker theme is the latest offering from 888Poker. Here you can play in the usual way, but with the introduction of webcams you can participate in a real social poker experience online. PokerCam brings you a face-to-face poker game wherever you are in the world; just plug in your webcam and you’re good to go.

888Poker’s new game isn’t free, but will be an exciting addition to your online poker game  AND you’ll still be earning rakeback.

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