Carbon Poker offering New Depositor Cash Chase

Posted on by RTR Rachel

If the 35% rakeback offer at Carbon Poker isn’t enough to convince you to sign up here, maybe their latest offer will do the trick. Carbon is now giving all new players the chance to compete in their own personal cash race.

The process is pretty simple since you sign up at Carbon Poker (hopefully through our great rakeback deal), and your 30-day Cash Chase will begin. As you earn VIP points in different poker games, you’ll receive points that will advance you up the leaderboard.

The best part is that you aren’t relegated to any particular game either since cash games, multi-table tournaments, and SNG’s all count towards the potential bonus. Once your 30-day Cash Race is up, the number of VIP points you earn will determine the cash prize.

Here is a look at how many VIP points you need to earn to unlock each prize:

500 VIP points: $5
1,000 VIP points: $11
2,500 VIP points: $30
3,500 VIP points: $50
5,000 VIP points: $75
7,500 VIP points: $120
10,000 VIP points: $175
15,000 VIP points: $280
25,000 VIP points: $500

Aside from the Cash Race for signing up, you can also participate in Carbon’s Super Money Tree promotion where you earn a monthly cash bonus based on the amount of VIP points you earn.  To be eligible for the Super Money Tree, you need to earn 100 VIP points within a 24-hour period. Once you’ve done this, Carbon will award you bonus money based on the following requirements:

– $1 for every 75 VIP points on your top 5 qualifying days at the lowest level.
– If you reach 10 days of 175 VIP points, you’ll receive $1 for every 55 VIP points on the top 10 qualifying days.
– If you reach 20 days of 250 VIP points, you’ll receive $1 for every 25 VIP points on the top 10 qualifying days.

As you can see, the prizes increase as you play more. And keep in mind that you’ll be getting paid from two different promotions

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