$1 Million Bad Beat Jackpot won at UB Poker

Posted on by RTR Rachel

“ODESSA99” has to be the happiest player in online poker after being the lucky (or unlucky) person to lose with a hand of four queens at UB Poker. When ODESSA99 lost with quads queens, the $1,048,383 Bad Beat Jackpot was unlocked!

ODESSA99 earned the largest share of this jackpot at $340,875, while the poker hand winner – “FARFLUNG” – earned over $170k of the jackpot. The prize money didn’t stop here though because another $170k was distributed to a bunch of lucky players, who just happened to be playing the same poker games and stakes as ODESSA99 and FARFLUNG. When you consider that UB already gives away 30% rakeback, randomly winning a piece of $170,000 is just icing on the cake!

If you’re interested in how the bad beat hand went down, here’s a look:

ODESSA99 had pocket queens on a flop of K-J-Q, which prompted him to bet big, only to be reraised by FARFLUNG. When the turn came up Q, ODESSA99 was determined to take the hand down by raising, but was reraised yet again by FARFFLUNG. When the river was a K, both players ended up going all-in, and the rest is history.

After ODESSA99 won the jackpot, the 37-year-old pro from New York City told UB, “I actually dreamt a few days before that I lost with queens, so it really is a dream come true! I just want to thank UB. Without this site and its Bad Beat Jackpot, I would not have had this opportunity, and I will be using my money wisely to help my family out, save for my young son’s college education, and put him through private school”

With the $1 million jackpot now cracked, the new Bad Beat Jackpot will be reset to $300,000. So if you’re looking to get rich relatively quick, the jackpot at UB Poker would be a nice place to start!

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