InterPoker has 30% Rakeback and Player of the Month Award

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Have you ever wanted to be the top player at your online poker room, yet don’t have enough time to sit around grinding for 10 hours a day? If so, then you should visit InterPoker because they give virtually every player a shot at being Player of the Month.

Those who want to vie for the Player of the Month title just need to do one thing: email InterPoker. Okay, it’s a little more complicated than that, but the only thing you really need to do is send them an email detailing why you are deserving of the award. And the best part is that you don’t even have to take down InterPoker’s €75,000 Headhunter poker tournament or anything else overly-impressive to win. You just need to be a solid online poker player who’s had some success on some level or another.

Even if you don’t make Player of the Month at InterPoker, you can still be a winner just by signing up for their 30% rakeback offer. This will help you get back 30% of the money that you pay the house, which is great if you are interested in the aforementioned Headhunter tournament.

As the name implies, the €75,000 Headhunter tournament is a bounty tourney where players earn extra money for every player they eliminate. In this case, you would receive a bonus of €30 for each player eliminated, and 20% of the total prize pool goes towards the bounties. Of course, the largest portion of the €75,000 Headhunter event goes towards the prize pool, but the bounties still add some extra excitement. In all, the top 100 players will win a share of €60,000.

You can enter this tournament by paying the €150 + €10 buy-in, or you can also win your way in through satellites as low as €2.

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