Top 10 Online Poker Tells

Online poker may not offer as many tells as casino poker does, but there are still plenty of tells you can spot. This being said, here is a look at the top 10 internet poker tells that will help you crush your opponents.

Tell #1: Betting Patterns

The biggest online tell you can spot comes through a player’s betting patterns. For example, if they bet big before the flop and check postflop, they likely missed the flop. Likewise, if they bet big on a drawing board, then check or call on the turn, they might’ve been bluffing you with a drawing hand. Every player’s betting pattern is different, but once you can identify the pattern, you can predict what poker hands they have.

Tell #2: How Long Players take to act

Sometimes players take longer to decide how big they want their value bets to be when they’ve got a good hand. If you notice a player taking forever before they make a two-thirds the pot-sized bet, they may have a huge hand and are trying to decide how much to bet to eventually take your stack.

Tell #3: Several All-in Bets in a Row

Sometimes you’ll run into a complete maniac fish who goes all-in frequently to steal hands and pots. Common poker strategy tells us that anybody who is willing to go all-in multiple times is likely raising with a very wide range of cards, including anything from Ax to JT.

Tell #4: Rakeback Hoarders that keep folding

Some players are overly tight-aggressive because they are just waiting for monster hands while collecting rakeback. If you notice somebody who keeps folding over and over again, only to suddenly raise big, they’ve got the nuts.

Tell #5: Post Big Blind Right Away

You can normally tell the skill level of a player right away when they first get onto a table because bad players will quickly post blinds before it’s their turn. Obviously, it’s better to wait for the big blinds to reach you before posting, so this marks impatience and a lack of skill on their part.

Tell #6: Players who fold to Re-raises

Many online players try to raise in un-raised pots to steal the hand. But if you consistently make them fold with re-raises, you know that they are chronic semi-bluffers.

Tell #7: Looking at Other Tables in the Same Stakes

Multi-tabling is pretty common in online poker these days, and you can use this common practice to learn more about your opponents. Just open up several other tables in the same stakes, and look at how the multi-tablers are doing to see their skill level.

Tell #8: Tracking Players with Software

You can use poker software to get statistical tells on any player. Many successful players today use software to help them play better.

Tell #9: Check Raising

90% of the time, if a player check-raises they have a really strong hand – if not the nuts. If you get check-raised with a marginal hand, fold until you have more information on the player.

Tell #10: Chat Box

Sometimes chat box tells are overrated, but you can still gain information through this function. Many players like to talk a lot when they are running good and getting strong poker cards.

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