Negreanu and Blom Split Matches in SuperStar Showdown

Since being started in December, the PokerStars SuperStar Showdown has become one of the most watched online events by railbirds everywhere. This fascinating event sees Viktor “Isildur1” Blom face off against a single opponent in $100/$200 NL holdem poker, and four poker tables are played at once. Up until Daniel Negreanu, Blom had fared pretty well against those willing to ante up the $150,000 buy-in as he won four poker games, and lost just one match.

Many were excited when Negreanu decided to face Blom because Kid Poker is one of the biggest names in the game. However, he was relatively inexperienced in online poker cash games – especially when it came to multi-tabling. This inexperience showed as Negreanu was beaten badly in the first matchup after losing all $150k within 1,439 poker hands. Every SuperStar Showdown is supposed to last 2,500 hands, or at least until one player loses their entire $150k buy-in; Negreanu was the first Blom opponent to lose all of his money before the 2,500 hands were up.

After the game, Negreau was crushed as he wrote in his poker blog, “I was so frustrated with how my match vs. Isildur1 went. I knew I’d have to get lucky to win, as he is the more experienced player, but not only did he outplay me strategy-wise, he got hit in the head with the deck too. I can’t do much about the bad luck, but I can do something about him outplaying me. Whatever happens next Sunday, whether I win or lose, the fact that Isildur1 is the better player won’t change.”

After being dismantled in the first game, Negreanu still agreed on a rematch with Blom. Unfortunately for Kid Poker, things started off just as badly for him the second time around as he was down over $44k after just 600 hands. At one point, Negreanu was on the brink of elimination since he was down $130,000. However, Negreanu showed some true resolve, and gradually worked his way back into the match over the last 1,000 hands. When everything was said and done, Negreanu won the second matchup by over $26k, and he completed one of the most amazing comebacks in internet poker history!

Once the match was over, an ecstatic Negreanu posted this on his blog, “I was down right off the bat and it looked like a repeat of last week. I was down to 20k at one point, stuck $130k in the match, but fought match to win it down the stretch. Once I took the lead in the last 500 hands, the lead changed hands about 5 or 6 times till the bitter end when I started to make some hands.”

Tip of the Day: If you’re looking to move up to high stakes No-Limit cash games – like the $50/$100 limits that Negreanu and Isildur1 play – you should have a bankroll of at least 300-400 big blinds.

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