High Stakes SNG Races at Absolute Poker

Posted on by RTR Rachel

If you play poker in high stakes SNG’s, then Absolute Poker has a great promotion for you. Absolute is currently giving players a chance to compete for extra prizes through their High Roller Races.

Competing in the High Roller Races is easy because you just have to make sure you play in SNG poker games with a $60 buy-in or above. Every time you win one of these high buy-in SNG’s, you’ll earn a point on the leaderboard. The three players who tally the most points (wins) from Monday to Saturday will earn a free $500 + $30 seat into Absolute Poker’s $50,000 Guaranteed on Sunday.

Essentially, Absolute Poker is giving away $1,590 through their High Roller Races, which is great for those who already play high stakes SNG’s. Plus you should also take into account that AP offers 30% rakeback deals, so you’ll be earning lots of money back on all of your SNG buy-ins.

If you’re wondering more about the $50k Guaranteed, this 6-max poker tournament happens every Sunday at 6:30 pm ET. This tourney is basically a high roller event due to the high buy-in, so you won’t have as much competition for the prize pool.

Other big tournaments at Absolute Poker include the following:

– $50k Guaranteed on Saturday at 3:05 pm ET, buy-in is $300 + $20.
– $75k Guaranteed Rebuy (Unlimited) on Sunday at 5:30 pm ET, buy-in is $100 + $9.
– $100k Guaranteed on Sunday at 2 pm ET, buy-in is $500 + $30.
– $200k Guaranteed on Sunday at 4 pm ET, buy-in is $200 + $15.
– $75k Guaranteed on Monday at 8:30 pm ET, buy-in is $500 + $30.
– $80k Guaranteed Sniper on Wednesday at 9 pm ET, buy-in is $200 + $15.
– $100k Guaranteed on Wednesday at 8:30 pm ET, buy-in is $1,000 + $50.

As you can see, there are lots of huge tournaments at Absolute, and these events are especially good if you’re a high roller!
Tip of the Day: As a good rule of thumb, you should never risk more than 5% of your bankroll on a single tournament. So don’t jump into high stakes tourneys until your bankroll is ready.

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