Mini FTOPS XX starting May 8th at Full Tilt

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Mini FTOPS will be back on May 8th for all of the low stakes online poker players who love playing for huge prize pools. And Mini FTOPS XX promises to be the biggest ever with $12.5 million in guaranteed money on the table!

As mentioned before, the action begins on May 8th with a $750,000 guaranteed holdem poker tournament, and the buy-in is just $20 + $2! At most poker sites, a $20 + $2 buy-in wouldn’t get you into a $30,000 guaranteed tournament – let alone a $750k poker tournament! And that’s what is so great about Mini FTOPS XX because the buy-ins are so low that anybody can compete for major money.

In all there will be 45 tournaments in Mini FTOPS XX, and here is a quick look at all of the other huge prize pools you’ll be able to play for:

– Event #10, May 11th at 21:00 ET: 6-max NLHE (multi-entry), $500,000 prize pool, $10 + $1 buy-in.

– Event #18, May 14th at 15:00 ET: NLHE (rebuy), $300,000 prize pool, $10 + $1 buy-in.

– Event #22, May 15th at 13:00 ET: NLHE Knockout (multi-entry), $500,000 prize pool, $12 + $1 buy-in.

– Event #24, May 17th at 17:00 ET: NLHE (multi-entry), $800,000 prize pool, $30 + $3 buy-in.

– Event #37, May 20th at 13:00 ET: NLHE (multi-entry), $500,000 prize pool, $20 + $2 buy-in.

– Event #44, May 22nd at 13:00 ET: 6-max NLHE Knockout (multi-entry), $600,000 prize pool, $24 + $2 buy-in.

– Mini FTOPS XX Main Event, May 22nd at 17:00 ET: NLHE (multi-entry), $3 million prize pool, $70 + $5 buy-in.

The buy-ins are certainly low for the magnitude of prize pools being offered by Full Tilt Poker. However, if the buy-ins are still out of your range, Mini FTOPS XX satellites and qualifiers will be starting on April 25th. But keep in mind that if you opt for the direct buy-ins, you’ll also be earning 27% rakeback on the tournament fees, which is a great deal!

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