PokerNordica running $46,250 VIP Points Chase Every Month

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Satisfy the competitive streak inside of you by playing at PokerNordica, where they offer a $46,250 VIP Points Chase every month. To participate in the VIP Points Chase here and earn a share of the $46k, simply play in tournaments and at cash poker tables throughout the month.

As you accumulate VIP Points during the month, you’ll advance through the different “Groups” and on towards more money. The higher the Group you’re in by the end of the month, the more money you’ll have earned. To illustrate how this works, take a look at the following information:

Group 1: $10 prize, 25 prizes available, 1,000 VIP Points needed
Group 2: $20 prize, 25 prizes available, 2,000 VIP Points needed
Group 3: $40 prize, 25 prizes available, 4,000 VIP Points needed
Group 4: $60 prize, 25 prizes available, 6,000 VIP Points needed
Group 5: $200 prize, 20 prizes available, 13,500 VIP Points needed
Group 6: $350 prize, 20 prizes available, 26,000 VIP Points needed
Group 7: $600 prize, 20 prizes available, 51,000 VIP Points needed
Group 8: $1,000 prize, 10 prizes available, 76,000 VIP Points needed
Group 9: $2,000 prize, 5 prizes available, 127,000 VIP Points needed

Most months see at least a few players reach Groups 6 and 7, while PokerNordica is still waiting for someone hit that elusive $2,000 prize in Group 9.

Those of you players who put in a high volume every day will definitely benefit from participating in the VIP Points Chase at PokerNordica. And you’ll be benefiting even more when you throw in the fact that they offer 35% rakeback deals to players. This is one of the highest rakeback offers in the poker world, which means that you’ll be earning even more money in the PokerNordica VIP Points Chase.

Tip of the Day: Whenever you participate in a VIP Points Chase, you increase your chances of winning huge prizes by multi-tabling. The logic behind this is simple: more tables means more hands, which leads to increased VIP Points.

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