RPM Poker offering Huge Bonus for playing Most Hands

Posted on by RTR Rachel

If you play tons of poker hands every month, you might just have what it takes to earn one of the big bonuses that RPM Poker is giving to those who play the most hands.

Every month, RPM is giving out $500 bonuses to the top three players in terms of hands played. This “Bankroll Boost” offer is especially nice for low limit online poker players because it has nothing to do with stakes or rake. Instead, it’s entirely dependant upon how many hands you play, which means that a $0.50/$1 holdem poker player has just as good of a chance at winning as a $100/$200 holdem player.

Those who are wondering about where they stand in regards to the Bankroll Boost prizes can email RPM Poker about the leaderboard. But before you do that, you’ll want to download the poker software for RPM and sign up. It’s important to make sure that you’re signing up through a rakeback site so that you get RPM’s 35% rakeback offer. This will enable you to earn all kinds of extra money while you’re trying to get one of those $500 bonuses!

Sticking with the number 500, you can also earn some nice cash prizes in RPM’s 500-5X promotion. The way this works is that anybody who plays 500 SNG’s in one month will receive a bonus equal to 5 times their favorite SNG buy-in. So if the majority of the SNG’s you play poker in are $55 buy-in tourneys, you would receive a $265 bonus. Assuming you mostly played $110 SNG’s, you would earn a huge $550 bonus!

So if you play lots of hands and/or SNG’s, RPM Poker is a great place to play because of all the extra bonuses they reward frequent players with.

Tip of the Day: While chasing bonuses based on the amount of hands played is always fun, don’t over-extend your sessions to reach the bonus. For example, many players don’t make good decisions once they go beyond 3-4 hour sessions.

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