Celebrate Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wedding at Minted Poker

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Nobody is more smitten and giddy about the upcoming Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding than Minted Poker. In fact, Minted Poker is so excited about the wedding that they are sending one lucky player to London to celebrate this joyous occasion.

Up until April 29th, when the wedding takes place, players who want to win this London trip need to flop a royal flush while holding the king of hearts and queen of hearts. The reason for the interesting hand stipulation is that William and Kate’s wedding is being dubbed as the union between the King of Hearts and Queen of Hearts. Anybody who is able to meet the requirements while playing on the Minted Poker tables will receive the following prize package:

– Two round-trip plane tickets to London
– 5-night stay in a luxury hotel room
– $500 in spending money

Unfortunately, the winner won’t be dropped off outside Westminster Abbey to attend the actual wedding, but this is still a pretty incredible trip. And even if you don’t win a trip to London, you can still cash in on other royal flush bonuses up until April 29th, which include the following:

Royal Flush in Hearts (when not holding king and queen)
Flop = 500X the big blind ($500 max)
Turn = 150X the BB ($150 max)
River = 100X the BB ($100 max)

Royal Flush in Diamonds
Flop = 250X the BB ($250 max)
Turn = 100X the BB ($100 max)
River = 50X the BB ($50 max)

Royal Flush in Spades
Flop = 150X the BB ($150 max)
Turn = 100X the BB ($100 max)
River = 50X the BB ($75 max)

Royal Flush in Clubs
Flop = 250X the BB ($250 max)
Turn = 100X the BB ($100 max)
River = 50X the BB ($50 max)

Aside from all of the royal flush bonuses and the chance to celebrate the wedding in London, you can also earn one of the highest rakeback deals ever at Minted Poker since they pay out 40% rakeback. Not even the Royal Family can offer you this kind of deal!
Tip of the Day: The best poker strategy for achieving a royal flush-based bonus is multi-tabling. After all, royal flushes are based entirely on odds, and you increase your odds by playing as many hands as possible.

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