Carbon Poker offering $4.5 Million in Monthly Tournaments

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Fresh off of increasing their monthly tournament lineup from $3 million to $4 million, Carbon Poker just announced that they are now offering $4.5 million in guaranteed tournaments. Now this is one site that just can’t stay complacent!

Most of the $500,000 per month increase comes in the form of added daily tournaments since Carbon now offers $15,000 more in guaranteed cash. All of the new daily tourneys are holdem poker freezeouts, and the buy-ins range from $11-$82. That being said, here is a better visual for you to look at for the new daily tournaments (all times are EST):

14:00 – $1500 Guaranteed NLHE Freezeout, $60 buy-in
16:00 – $2000 Guaranteed NLHE Freezeout Shootout, $82 buy-in
18:00 – $2000 Guaranteed NLHE Freezeout, $11 buy-in
19:00 – $1500 Guaranteed NLHE Freezeout, $11 buy-in
19:30 – $300 Guaranteed 7 Card Stud Freezeout, $5.50 buy-in
20:00 – $2000 Guaranteed NLHE Freezeout, $60 buy-in
20:15 – $2000 Guaranteed NLHE Freezeout Turbo, $11 buy-in
20:30 – $2000 Guaranteed NLHE Freezeout Shootout, $27.50 buy-in
22:00 – $3000 Guaranteed NLHE Freezeout, $44 buy-in

Since Carbon attracts a lot of low stakes SNG players, this site has also added several new SNG rooms. These new rooms are to accommodate a huge influx of US players who are now playing at Carbon. Here is a quick look at the new SNG rooms that have been added:

Cape Hunting Dog Room (45-player max) – $2.20 buy-in
Emperor Penguin Room (90-player max) – $2.20 buy-in
Starling Room (180-player max) – $2.20 buy-in
Salmon Room (45-player max) – $5.50 buy-in
Snow Goose Room (45-player max) – $11 buy-in

As you can tell from the goofy room names, plenty of fish are going to be attracted to these poker tables. And it would be to your advantage to jump on the new SNG tables with these fish. It’s also to your advantage to get the 35% rakeback deal at Carbon Poker too!
Tip of the Day: If you want to measure your poker tournament success, you need to keep track of your rate of return (ROI). This is simply a look at how much money you’re earning in comparison to the buy-ins you spend. For example, if you pay $1,000 in buy-in fees and make $1,100, your ROI would be 10% [(1,100 – 1,000) /1,000 = 0.10]. Also keep in mind that you could be receiving rakeback along with your earnings.

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