Freeroll Jackpot Promo worth €56,000 at NoiQ Poker

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Every freeroll player who is tired of competing against 4,000 people for a puny $50 prize pool should get over to NoiQ Poker. That’s because NoiQ is running a Freeroll Jackpot promotion where €56,000 in prizes are being given away. The promotion runs from May 1st to May 31st, and a €20,000 Final Freeroll happens on June 5th.

To get started, you just need to collect 10 VIP points, and you’ll be eligible to enter a daily freeroll the following day. Keep in mind that, while you’re earning these VIP points, you can also earn 30% rakeback from NoiQ.

Moving along, each daily freeroll offers a €1,000 prize pool, while the Sunday free poker tournaments feature €2,000 prize pools. In addition to the prize pool money that people are playing for, they’ll also be competing for Freeroll Jackpot leaderboard points, which enhance a person’s chance at playing in the Final Freeroll (more on this in a minute).

The points system is pretty basic because players get an equal amount of points based on their finish. For example, if a player were to finish first in a daily freeroll, they would receive 200 points; if they placed second in another freeroll poker tournament, they would receive 199 points. In all, 200 players receive points in each freeroll.

The top 9 points earners will advance to a special Final Freeroll on June 5th, and €20,000 will be awarded to the 10 players in this event. Oh, and speaking of the 10th player, one person will be drawn out of everyone who has participated in at least 15 freerolls; the winner of the drawing gets to play in the huge freeroll.

Going back to the €20,000 Final Freeroll, here are the payouts for each spot:

1st place – €10,000
2nd place – €2,600
3rd place – €2,050
4th place – €1,550
5th place – €1,200
6th place – €900
7th place – €650
8th place – €500
9th place – €350
10th place – €200

Tip of the Day: Freerolls that require raked poker hands or VIP points are by far the best to play because not everybody can enter them. And a less-saturated player field means that your chances of winning prize money improve dramatically!

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