Earn 50% Rakeback at Unibet Poker

Posted on by RTR Rachel

From now until July 31st, you can take advantage of a massive 50% rakeback offer at Unibet Poker. The potential 50% rakeback is dependent on two factors:

1) Weekly booster bonus that can increase your rakeback to 50%
2) Regular loyalty bonus based on your loyalty tier

At this point, the aforementioned factors may seem like a foreign language, so a llow us to explain. As far as the bankroll boosters go, if you rake between €250 and €499 throughout an entire week, you will receive an extra 10% cash in your account the following week. Going further, any player who rakes €500 or more at the poker tables in one week will receive a 20% cash payout. So basically, you’re going to receive a weekly payout assuming you meet the aforementioned requirements.

The rest of the rakeback deal comes through the Poker Club. Much like with the weekly booster bonus, the Poker Club rakeback is earned weekly and paid out the following Monday. So if you are at the Silver tier in the Club, you’ll receive 10% rakeback on all poker tournament and cash game rake; likewise, if you’re in the Gold tier, you would receive 20% rakeback the following week.

Here is a look at all of the payouts that you can receive:

Bronze tier – 0 points needed, 5% rakeback, 0% redeemable for cash (used for tournaments and in the Club Shop)

Silver tier – 250 points needed, 10% rakeback, 0% redeemable for cash

Gold tier – 500 points needed, 20% rakeback, 17% redeemable for cash

Platinum tier – 2,000 points needed, 30% rakeback, 30% redeemable for cash

Unibet Plus tier – 5,000 points needed, 30% rakeback + Live Tournament Fund (extra money for tournament fees), 30% redeemable for cash

Now one thing that you might be wondering about is how long it takes to achieve a certain tier in the Poker Club. Fortunately, it only takes one week to jump up levels based on how many points you earned the previous week in poker games. Of course, you can also fall back down the levels in a week, but once you achieve either the Platinum or Unibet Plus tier, you have a 3-week grace period to earn the amount of points you need to stay at this level.

One other thing worth mentioning is that you can only cash out a certain percentage of the rakeback right away (redeemable), while the rest of the bonus must be unlocked or used to buy into poker tournaments. In any case, assuming you can achieve the top Poker Club level and take advantage of the weekly booster bonus, you could be earning the highest rakeback deal in all of poker!

Tip of the Day – If you feel like another player is targeting you at the table, some good things to do include the following: 1) tighten up your range of playable hands because they may think you’re playing too loose, 2) 3-bet or 4-bet them to see how they respond, 3) consider that they may not be targeting you at all, and are merely having a good run of poker cards.

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