Play Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies at PowerPoker

Posted on by RTR Rachel

PowerPoker pro Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies is one of the most electrifying players in all of online poker. His brash table talk and aggressive playing style have earned him fans and admiring railbirds everywhere. And what’s amazing is that you might actually have a chance to play poker against him without the massive bankroll required to sit down at the $300/$600 Pot-Limit Omaha tables.

Every Sunday, PowerPoker is holding “Sick Ziigmund Sundays,” where Ziigmund himself sits down to the low stakes PLO poker tables. You can find the Finn in the $0.25/$0.50, $0.50/$1, and $1/$2 stakes every Sunday starting at 19:00 GMT/20:00 CET/2:00 pm ET. If you are worried about finding the tables where Sahamies is sitting, don’t stress out because you just need to go into the poker software, and look for “Sick Ziigmund Sundays” tables; they’re highlighted in blue under the Ring Game – Omaha tab.

If you’ve always wanted to play against a famous internet poker star like Ziigmund, this is your opportunity! And an equally good, if not better, opportunity is the 33% rakeback offer that you can take advantage of by playing at PowerPoker. As long as you’re signed up for rakeback, you’ll be earning extra money aside from all of the big pots that you’re hopefully taking off of Ziigmund every Sunday.

One more thing worth mentioning about PowerPoker are the unlimited cash bonuses you can earn. Every time you visit the PowerShop, you can exchange your Gold Chips for either a $25 bonus or a $100 bonus; the $25 reward costs 100 Gold Chips, while the $100 bonus costs 400 Gold Chips.

And if you’re wondering about Gold Chips, you earn these simply by playing poker games and earning frequent player points. What’s nice is that the Gold Chips become easier to earn as you receive them. For example, your first Gold Chip comes at 120 FPP’s, your second one comes at 115 FPP’s, and eventually, you keep earning Gold Chip for every 70 FPP’s after reaching the seventh one. And the cash bonuses that you redeem them for will give you a nice bankroll to play Ziigmund with!

Tip of the Day: If you ever want to move up the stakes and play Ziigmund in high stakes poker one day, bankroll management is key. As a good rule of thumb, never buy into a poker tournament for more than 5% of your bankroll, and have at least 300 big blinds for the No-Limit cash game stakes you want to play – i.e. at the $1/$2 stakes, have a bankroll of $600.

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